You won't believe Reebok's new UFC t-shirt screw up


Reebok has had its fair share of complete disasters since the UFC uniform deal kicked in a few months ago. Giblert Melendez was the standard bearerbefore Norifumi Yakovlev gave it a run for its money, and a host of other problems have come up since then, but we quite possibly have a new leader in the clubhouse.

Available for purchase under "New Arrivals" is this snazzy Anderson Silva t-shirt. It has SILVA above a black-and-white Brazilian flag, noting that Silva is indeed known as "The Spider", is a middleweight, and that it's a UFC t-shirt. But who knew that we'd been hoodwinked all along and that Anderson Silva has actually been using an alias this entire time? He's Anderson Aldo, clearly making him and Jose the greatest family dynasty in the history of MMA!

Here's the official Reebok description:

"Anderson Silva channels the striking power of "The Spider," and now you can channel his fighting style with a cotton crewneck tee that comes with serious fan cred."

This Anderson Aldo t-shirt can be yours for just $35! You'll be the envy of your buddies when you boast your UFC fandom with this terrific apparel.

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