Overwatch Chinese New Year Event

2017 blizzard chinese d.va mei new or the Overwatch rooster year

We have only recently seen the end of Winter Wonderland and already Blizzard have announced another event happening. On January 24th, Overwatch will be running a Chinese New Year to celebrate the year of the rooster. Already announced are two new skins. One for Mei, and one for D.Va, images below. With this new event, there will be a new game mode. Olympics had Lucio ball, Halloween had Junkensteins Revenge and Christmas had the winter random picks.


Players are hoping the event game mode will more PvE oriented alike the Junkensteins Revenge where players were limited to Hanzo, Ana, Mcree and Soldier 76 to take out zombie omnics created by a mad Junkrat Scientist. As well as the Zombie Omnics were bosses of Reaper, Roadhog, Mercy and Junkrat himself playing the part of Jameson Junkenstein.


We at Merch Distributor hope this event will be as fun as the previous ones and also agree that a PvE style game mode would definitely be appreciated. What do you think? Comment below!

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