E3 2016: Amazon Posts The Legend Of Zelda Wii U Promotional Artwork

2016 e3 june Legend link nintendo nx Of wii u Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda Wii U artwork has been released showcasing Link climbing a cliff side.

Amazon posted the artwork on the games page ahead of Nintendo's E3 showcase. Nintendo will showcase gameplay from the upcoming title during the company's livestream.

This is a heavily anticipated title for the Wii U and has had constant delays since their first announcement. It has had so many delays that it is now rumoured the be released on Nintendo's new console the NX. This leaves many Wii U fans completely pissed off!

The question is if Nintendo can make a comeback from the Wii U's failure. The amount of titles available on the Wii U from the start was very poor. I owned one myself and exhausted the titles within a few months..

But as a forever Nintendo fan there is always hope that they can turn it around, without breaking my bank account!

Tune in to E3 to get the news as it unfolds. Be sure to check out our shirts below!

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