Final Fantasy XV - New footage revealed!

Exvius fantasy final Gladiolus Ignis Noctis Prompto Square Enix XV

PAX West has debuted new footage from the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV.

The footage below starts at about 24 minutes in. We see Director Jajime Tabata and other developers that give us insight into what is happening. We see the four main characters Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto enter a mine shaft where they encounter some monsters. The video also shows a chocobo racing game that will be in the game. The mini game will have you riding a chocobo where you have to manage your sprint strategically to prevent your mount from becoming fatigued.

The last footage starting at around 54 minutes debuts brand new footage of a mission, where they infiltrate an enemy base in Niflheim. The group are fighting a mechanical enemy and the developers stated that you will need to change up your tactics against these particular foes. Specifically targeting limbs indepently to bring them down.

The second half of the video does include technical errors so please bare that in mind when you watch. Square Enix have stated that this was in no way caused by the game itself.

We at merch Distributor are very excited by this footage and are looking forward to its release on 29th November. What do you guys think? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. If you are also a fan of the old school Final Fantasy games, we also have a shirt for you!


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