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Welcome to Merch Distributor! We strive to distribute peoples artworks for commission. Right now, we create T-shirts, posters and hopefully more soon. We print our posters direct from out high performance printing presses so you can be assured your artworks will be printed at the same quality you provide them. Our T-shirts are printed from high quality Direct To Garment printers.


Having your artwork printed is not our only job. We also promote your artwork as well as deliver it at no cost to your commission. This means no hassle for you and 100% of your cut. No fees. You can also opt out of our deal at any time meaning no risk to yourself. 


We operate in the UK where right to parody laws are much more lenient. This means if you have an unlicensed parody artwork, we are in a great location for minimum risk. 


All artworks should be a minimum of 4000 on their longest length and 300dpi for a crisp, clear image.


If you would like your artwork to be distributed through us, be sure to drop us an email at support@merchdistributor.co.uk and we would be happy to discuss in more detail.


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