Warcraft, Most Succesful Video Game Video Game Sparks Directors Interest For Sequel!

Duncan In Interest Jones Sparks The Beginning Warcraft

It was no surprise that World Of Warcraft: The Beginning would do well in the Box Office despite the critics negative reviews. The film was made for people interested in the games lore, which there are millions of fans worldwide. With that sort of following, it had to be a success not to mention the curious film going public that have never dabbled in the fantastical world of Azeroth. It is currently sitting on $377 million made with a whopping $200 million stemming all the way from China! The previous holder of this title was Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time which starred Jake Gyllenhaal, which grossed in total of $336 million. This has led Director Duncan Jones to express interest into a sequel, however it is not set in stone there will be another. After a twitter fan asked "Would you do a sequel" and Duncan Jones (Twitter Handle @ManMadeMoon) replied "If it becomes an option, I'd love to".


We at Merch Distributor enjoyed the movie as Warcraft fans! Sure it seemed a bit rushed at times, but the film was true to most of its lore. Besides, you could only fit so much story in such a small time frame. We would have happily sat through a 5 hour film of the impressive fantasy if we were offered! We definitely hope for many more films based around the Warcraft universe as there are many epic stories that could be told via the medium of cinema. We can only hope!

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