We know there are plenty of Star Wars and Marvel films confirmed already, but prepare for even more.

2016 Star Wars

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Already announced are Rogue One (due in December) and Star Wars Episode VIII (due for release in December 2017).

There's also a Han Solo film for 2018 and Star Wars Episode IX in 2019.

"There are five Star Wars films - four more with Episode VII: The Force Awakens - that are in varying stages of development and production," Disney chairman Bob Iger has told Newsbeat.

"There will be more after that, I don't know how many, I don't know how often."

There have been rumours about a Boba Fett Anthology film as well, but if that is happening, then Bob Iger wasn't quite ready to tell us.


When Newsbeat spoke to The Walt Disney Company CEO last month, he also mentioned there were no plans to stop expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), which has already spawned three Iron Man movies, a couple of Thors, Captain Americas and Avengers, one Ant-Man film, one Incredible Hulk and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

"Marvel, you're dealing with thousands and thousands of characters - that will go on forever," says Bob Iger.

The next in the Marvel film series due from Disney is Captain America: Civil War, which will be released in the UK on 29 April.

The one before that, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, earned $1.4bn globally at the box office when it was released in April last year.

Benedict Cumberbatch is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Strange later this year, and as far as we can make out, there are at least another eight Marvel films lined up after that.

However much of a fan you are that's a lot, and that's not including keeping track of the story crossovers going on in the Marvel TV series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.


 So are there any signs that audience interest in the MCU may be waning at all?

"No, I don't think they're getting weary," says Bob Iger.

"But I think we keep raising the bar in terms of telling stories that bring them back, that excite them, that make it feel new and that is what we do for a living."

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