The Most Promising Superman Game Ever, Cancelled!

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In the years of the Nintendo 64, we received Superman 64. It was quite possibly, one of the worst games ever made. Rivaling E.T and Big Rigs Racing for its number 1 spot. Recently it has been announced that the creators of the critically acclaimed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron had been working on a very promising title based around DC Universes Superman. However the game, Codenamed Blue Steel, will not see the light of day.


The game had promised to be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii but unfortunately, their publisher had closed down. Factor 5 struggled to find another publisher which led to the company to be shut down.


The game was based around a free roam game where there would be much for the player to do. One very interesting idea was the mechanic where Superman could smash his enemies through the numerous Skyscrapers throughout the city.

Superman smashing his enemy through building!

The game started as a tie-in for the Superman Returns sequel, which was never released. This meant Factor 5 were forced to change the direction of their game which gave more promise. This meant they did not have to stick to the movies direction so they could decide how to approach the game.


Factor 5 was given free reign over using many of DC comics interesting enemies. Characters like the well known Darkseid and Braniac as well as the lesser known villains.


Enemies Darkseid & Braniac


Unfortunately, with the closure of their publisher Brash Entertainment, they fell on hard times while there was still very little content to be able to show publicly. Factor 5 had decided to gamble on keeping the project open by using it's own money while searching for a willing publisher to help fund the project. This forced them to drop a huge percentage of its staff and just before Christmas 2008, the studio closed down.

We at Merch Distributor are very saddened by this news as we have only dreamed of such a promising Superman game. Only to be shown it was in production but dropped due to finances. We would also like to add, that we would love to see a new Iron Man game based on these mechanics or even The Incredible hulk!

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 For more information, a video has been included below.





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