Reebok to release "Alien Stompers" for Alien Day

You've heard of Star Wars day (May the 4th) and we have recently gone past the days where we should all own hover-boards with ridiculous outfits from Back to the Future. Now it has been stated that the sportswear giant Reebok is releasing it's "Alien Stompers" in celebration of Alien Day April 26th. You may remember these sneakers from the hit film "Aliens" worn by Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver. The sneakers will be an exact replica and Red, white with grey high tops. If you do not like the high topped version, there is a mid cut variant as worn by Lance Henriksen who played the android Bishop. The sneakers should be on sale on or around the 26th April. Prices have yet to be confirmed.


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